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Year after year, the redemption of credit improves its image. In France, it is possible to redeem your loans directly from your bank and through the services of a broker or an Intermediary in Banking Operations (BIO). In the Overseas Departments, the banks do not grant any repurchases. Only the services of a broker or an IOB will allow you to carry out this operation.


Credit redemption is now possible


Credit redemption is now possible

Even if the overseas banks are not followers of the repurchase of credit, know that you can still group them. In recent years, some BIOs and brokers established in Metropolitan France have understood the interest of finding solutions for the French overseas.

Whether to allow the financing of a project, to reduce the weight of monthly payments or to take advantage of lower rates, brokers and IOB have a real desire to meet the needs of their overseas customers. Some of them act directly in Metropolitan France, others have preferred to set up their premises on Reunion Island or in Martinique to be closer to their customers.


Dom credit purchase: how does it work and where do you turn?


Dom credit purchase: how does it work and where do you turn?

Five big competitors compete for the DOM credit buyout market. The actors of credit redemption in the dom have, with some differences, the same way of proceeding. The approach is very simple! Simply go to one of the websites of the 5 online brokers operating in the DOM and fill out the online form that will be offered to you. In general, professionals of the repurchase of credit reserve 24 to 48 hours to contact you again.

When you have your advisor on the phone, he will want to know in detail the reason for your purchase, your family and work situation and your repayment possibilities. Be clear and honest!

An advisor can only help you better if he takes ownership of your project. In order for him to study your file, you will have supporting documents to send him. Do not wait to send them and be careful that they are readable. Some financial partners can be picky.





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